A Magic Pill to Lose Weight Without Changing a Thing
Do you wish there was a magical pill that you could take to help you lose weight without changing anything else in your life? I do! Remember how all you needed to drop down to your less than ideal skinny figure was a bad break up? Those days become fewer and fewer as you get older and as relationships get better.
Ways to Feel Full Without Overeating
It's two hours after you just ate lunch and you are hungry again. Maybe you are craving a candy bar or something else that is going to go straight to your waistline. The problem happens when you don't feel full after eating a meal, you are more likely to overeat, which means extra pounds on the scale. I have some good news for you! There are certain nutrients and foods that can help curb your appe
What is National Meatout Day?
Today is March 20th, or as some people call it 'National Meatout Day'. ' Meatout' is the world's largest grassroots diet education campaign. The 'Great American Meatout' began in 1985 to encourage people ,their friends, families, and communities to "kick the meat habit” and explore a wholesome, diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The 2012 goal of Meatout is to distribute free vegan
Creative Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat
I have a problem with my son. He will not eat!. I have tried a little bit of everything, rewards if he finishes his dinner. With holding toys, even fixing his favorite things. One night as I was hearing for the hundredth time "daddy I 'm not hungry" then  I had a little flashback moment.
Potatoes Are Your New Weight Loss Enemy
Potatoes are always a part of Southern cooking: French fries, fried potatoes and onions, baked potatoes and boiled potatoes with other veggies are yummy sides to any main course. Potatoes are inexpensive, usually fat-free and cholesterol-free source of vitamins and fiber. But a new study has shown that potatoes might contribute to weight gain -- and not just when they are fried.