With today being a snow day I wanted to share a story I did a few years back on where to go sledding in Texarkana.

Even a a kid sledding was neat thing to do but with so little snow we had to improvise. We usually had to use makeshift sleds from some kind of plastic trash can lid to our knee boards we used for skiing or even a piece of cardboard. Here are a few places to take you makeshift sled to go sledding.

  • Spillway At Wright Patman Lake in Texarkana

    As long as I can remember this was the place to go to enjoy what little snow we have had over the years. It is somewhat dangerous, but when were young and dumb it was the place to go. It is hard to tell but the hill is about 50 feet from top to the bottom.

  • Here is a spot just off Highway 549. The slope looks good and the area is far off enough from the road so you can go sledding without getting into traffic. And it is huge! There is enough room for at least a dozen folks to go down at the same time.

  • This is a picture from a few years ago in my neighborhood. As you can see you can definitely sled on some of the hills in our neighborhood. We went off a couple of the hills, and even down the street. Just make sure there is no traffic coming. Do you know if there are any good places to go sledding if it snows this winter?