Texarkana Police Caution Getting Out On The Roads
Now that the snow has finally stopped on the Texarkana area, and the temperatures for today are looking like they may get just slightly above freezing some people may be tempted to get out on the roads but carbongallery id="6021b2553ad6e349eeb32732" title="LOOK: Answers to 30 common C…
8 Fun Things You Can do in The Snow Besides Build a Snowman
So, Texarkana finally got some snow not a light dusting but a real snowfall. Many reports are saying we received anywhere between 6-8 inches depending on where you live. Now it's time for kids to have a little fun. Did you know there are several other snow activities that you can do besides bui…
Temps Dropping Tonight
With today's snow day and a hard freeze of 10 degrees tonight, we wanted to know if you are ready for the extreme cold tonight?

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