I have lived in Texarkana for 18 years and have recently discovered there are several places that I have never been to and a couple that I didn't even know were in Texarkana.

What places have you never been to in Texarkana?

I drive down Texas Boulevard several times a week but just recently noticed a store that I had not been in before, it was the Owls Nest. This started a conversation in the office of other places that I have not been to in Texarkana.

I have never been to Tacos Mi Pueblo on New Boston Road. I've never been to Chappos Pizza and Pasta, also on New Boston Road. I guess I should just start on one end of New Boston Road and chow all the way to the other end. I haven't stopped into that garden place (Twitty Nursery, I believe) on 7th Street out past Kmart and Albertson's although I look every time I pass it.

What places have you never been in Texarkana?

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