What is the stupidest purchase you have ever made?

We had a discussion at the office about things you bought that you wound up regretting later and a few surprises made the list.

One of our country jocks said he actually purchased a set on encyclopedias for his son a few years back, and as we all know. anything that you use to do research should be digital, so he now has a set of out dated books that nobody will need or use, except for something to prop open a door, or hold down your sheet on your cool fort.

One of our sales people actually purchased some 'marital aids' that we cannot go into detail on the radio, but her husband thought they were a joke and were quickly put in the trash.

How about bartending classes? Or a stuffed jack o lope. These are just a few of the revelations we had in the office when the subject came up.

The worst one is a gift that could be looked at as a great purchase. One of our dj's shared a story about a guy that bought a wedding ring for his then girlfriend, only to be rebuffed when he popped the question to her at a romantic dinner. Not a very good feeling to have a ring that was worth over 3,000 dollars and no one to give it to.

Have you ever made a purchase that you later regretted?