Tacos are a staple of anyone's diet in the south and after you read about this story you may never look at a taco the same way.
A writer on the website Lifehacker has gone to the extreme level of crazy and has actually diagrammed the proper way to eat your taco.

According to the writer you start eating your taco in the 'normal' way by holding it in the middle and starting on one end near the meat, then your next bite is a little higher up on the same end, your third bite is back down near the meat on the end you started on, then it gets a little weird.

Your fourth bite should be from the opposite side in which you started then you follow the same pattern that you did for the first side fifth bite up high, then bite six is back down low. Your last two bites seven and eight should now be in the middle of the taco.

I am a big taco fan and I just start at one end and work my way to the other without much regard for a pattern. I usually take my next bite in the area that everything is about to fall out of the shell.

How do you eat your taco?



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