The website estately did a very in-depth survey on what the most popular Valentine's Day gifts are in each state and the results are "interesting" to say the least.

This survey was actually a joke, right ? I sure hope so because the results were comical. I mean, Oklahoma's most popular gift is ammunition spread out on the bed? That doesn't seem too romantic unless you are in a militia. Here are a few results from our area.

Texas comes in with anything with a Texas state flag on it.

Arkansas' most romantic gift is a studded leather girdle?

And Louisiana's gift is a romantic swim in the Mississippi River.

Now that we have gone through the list of some of these silly states, how about a list that is all Texarkana? How about a romantic dinner at Cattleman's or maybe a quaint Italian meal at the new Verona downtown, or a scenic walk around Bringle lake?

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