There are 49,000 bridges in the great state of Texas which is the most of any state. But I wanted to know where the longest bridge was located in good ole Texas.

Living in Texarkana the longest bridges we get to experience are the Red River bridges from Texas to Arkansas and of course Texas to Oklahoma. And we all know the saying 'that everything is bigger in Texas'.  

The longest bridge in Texas is the Fred Hartman bridge a little south of Texarkana, in Baytown Texas.

The Fred Hartman bridge is 2.6 miles long and is the seventy seventh longest bridge in the world. According to Our Baytown the bridge was constructed in 1986 and replaced a tunnel that had to be removed because the ship channel had to be dug out deeper and the tunnel would no longer do the job to get people across the channel. 

The bridge is named for Fred Hartman the publisher of the Baytown Sun from 1950-1974.

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