What is causing the horrible smell in Texarkana? Tell us below what you think is causing it. To me, it smells like a cattle truck parked next to the radio station. Someone said it was a plant in Fulton that gets chicken parts from Tyson and cooks them, then dries it out for chicken feed. There is something a little unsettling about chickens eating chickens. Do you know what the smell is?

We have noticed this horrible smell at the radio station for several weeks but it seems that more and more people are noticing it enough that they are talking about it on social media. Some people in Nash say they do not smell it so it sounds like the pungent odor is just in Texarkana. We have two paper mills close to Texarkana; one in Ashdown, Ark., and one in Domino, Texas. Those paper mills can smell pretty bad but this mysterious smell is different.

Here are paraphrased comments made by different folks on Facebook during an online discussion about the smell:

  • Rotting dead animals
  • Dead dog poop, although I'm not sure what that means.
  • Garbage dumpster
  • Manure truck or chicken truck
  • Dog food plant

Tell us what you think that smell is...