Most parents like myself tend to stress out when we are trying to plan a 'date night' with our significant other.

From where you will go to eat to the after-dinner entertainment and in these times making sure the place you select is open for dining amid all of the coronavirus can be stressful, but what about the babysitter?

When it comes to how much you pay the sitter, what is the right amount? Is it something you pay per hour or is it just a flat rate? I am always thinking we are not paying enough for sitting. But now that the kids are older, almost 12 and 8 they are not quite so much trouble.

The site says that the national average is 16.75 for one kid and 19.26 for two kids. I thought these numbers were a little high but after I checked out their map, Dallas parents pay 11.98 an hour for one kid. Did you know that babysitting is the cheapest in La Vegas at 11.63 and most expensive in San Fransisco at 18.75?

For my date tonight with my wife for her birthday I am pretty lucky. My mom will be able to watch the kids for us and that really takes a load off of my mind for our first date night in a while.

How much do you pay your babysitter? Let us know in the comments below.


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