What does being on time mean to you? Is it being there for an appointment 15 minutes early or getting there right at the appointed time?

It seems like we are always so busy. With the hustle, and bustle of our lives from all of the email and notifications, we always seem to be in a big rush to get anywhere and we always seem to be running late.

I came from a family with a military background. My dad was in the Navy and he always told me that if you have an 11 am appointment you need to be there fifteen minutes early. If you arrive at 11 you are late and that kinda stuck with me through the years.

My boss at work has a great take on this. If you have that same 11 o'clock appointment being there 2 minutes before or 2 minutes after is ok and you are being respectful to the person you are meeting.

Around my house, I am the person who always seems to be keeping us on time. No matter what it is, bath time, going to bed, leaving for school I am the head timekeeper in the house.

According to this article on the Lifehack website here are some ways to help you be on time.

1. Don't check your email or voicemail before an appointment.

2. Plan ahead for possible trouble.

3. Schedule your meetings on your phone 10 minutes early.

4.  Set appointments for off-peak times not during your busiest hours of the day stay away from 8 am and in the late afternoon.

5. Set your clocks ahead. Set your watch ahead 5 minutes and your car 3 minutes ahead and of course, your alarm clock at home 10 minutes ahead so that you will take them at their actual times.

Are you on time? Or is being 10 minutes behind the normal around your office or house?


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