Have you been hearing those random booms? I have and plenty of folks in Texarkana are as well. But what are they exactly?

People all over social media have been asking. "Have you heard those booms? What are they?" Here is the official statement from Day and Zimmerman company:

The Army is conducting environmental cleanup activities via remediation contractors at the former Lonestar army ammunition plant high explosive demolition grounds. Current events are concentrated on demolition of past military munitions related items. They are following all required federal rules and regulations and conducting these activities.

Depending on the weather conditions cloud cover fog and win loud noise and vibration is maybe felt and/or hard by the local communities. We understand the concerns of the committee and will endeavor to mitigate the impacts as we complete these explosive activities.

These cleanup actions will be Ongoing over the next couple of months and may result in multiple destinations in one day. When demolition operations are needed they will commence no earlier than 9 AM and will conclude no later than 4:30 PM.

For more information at the Army point of contact can be reached at 903-255-2857 please leave a message when I represent if it’s not available to take your call.

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