If you have outstanding warrants/fines from the District Court of Texarkana, Arkansas, then February could be your month to get that taken care of without getting arrested.

The Texarkana Arkansas Police sent out a notice today referring to Judge Tommy Potter's announcement that the Miller County District Court, both city and county divisions in Texarkana, Arkansas will grant amnesty beginning February 1st through April 28th, 2023.

What Does This Mean?

It simply means that if you have an outstanding warrant for failure to appear, failure to obey a court order, or failure to report, you can benefit from this amnesty program. During the above-mentioned time period,  the district courts will waive the warrant fee and jail times if it receives full payment for the underlying amounts for these warrants.

Shake Hands - Good Deal - Canva
Shake Hands - Good Deal - Canva

Yes, you still have to pay your fines, but you can avoid additional fines or fees by taking care of it during the amnesty period.

The amnesty program enables anyone being sought on warrants to avoid any inconvenience of being arrested, avoid being assessed additional court costs of $350, and resolve their case entirely.

“These individuals have had their driving privileges suspended; clearing these fines will also enable them an opportunity to regain a valid driver’s license. With income tax returns coming in, it is a great time for people to take advantage of this opportunity,” according to the Chief Court Clerk, Karen Reed.

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Don't Delay

Not sure about your situation, contact the City Probation Department (903)798-3241 or 3243.  You can also call the District Court Office (903)798-3016 or 3012, or the Miller County District Court or County Probation Office (870)773-2971 or (870)772-2780.

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