The first 'Walk To Defeat ALS' is happening on Saturday in downtown Texarkana.

This will be the first walk of this kind and the organizers had this to say about the upcoming walk:

Texarkana is hosting its first ever ALS Walk (Lou Gehrig Disease) on September 17th in downtown Texarkana. We need HELP! We need volunteers to help set up, tear down, and work the event. If you are available to help please let know! If you would like to walk or donate let me know that too!

The Walk to Defeat ALS is the best way to unite and fundraise for those living with ALS. Did you know that your $50 donation could help a person living with ALS communicate with their loved ones? These LCD tablets are given to patients with ALS so they are able to communicate.

This walk had an update on September 6. The ALS Association Arkansas chapter has moved this walk to a Walk Your Way event, This means that you can walk when you want where you want, and still help out the organization.

Did you know that your donation is not for a specific walker, but for the organization as a whole? Here is a link to the donation page. On this page, you will find out more information on how to donate as well as mailing options. And if you want it will display your donation on the walker's honor scroll, you can even leave a message of encouragement.

To find out more you can go to the ALS Association of Arkansas Facebook page.

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