The Wake Village Police Department needs your help in locating two men who recently walked out of the Walmart Supercenter with a lot of beer and police don't think it was because they forgot to pay for the beer.

And we aren't talking about a six-pack or 12-pack of beer we are talking about $400 worth of beer.

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The Wake Village Police Department posted on their Facebook page;

These fellas must have been preparing for a party this weekend! Unfortunately, they forgot to see the cashier on their way out of the door with $400 worth of beer. Please let us know if you recognize either, we would love to talk to them.

One of the men has now been identified as 43-year-old Timothy D. Larry. Timothy now has an active felony warrant for Theft over $2,500 with previous convictions.

Wake Village Police Department
Wake Village Police Department


If you can help locate Timothy D. Larry or help with identifying the other man the Wake Village Police would appreciate it. You can call the Wake Village Police Department at
(903) 838-5580

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