With early voting for Midterm elections underway, there are also local elections to think about too. The Arkansas High School Student Council is hosting a Texarkana Mayoral Debate and it's open to the public.

How Will The Student Council Be Involved in The Mayoral Debate?

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The Student Council members will also be actively involved in the debate as they will serve as timekeepers and be a part of the question portion of the debate.

The debate will be between incumbent Texarkana Arkansas Mayor Allen Brown and the challenger Tederal Jefferson.

When and Where is the Texarkana Arkansas Mayoral Debate?


The debate will be held tomorrow Thursday, October 27 at 6 PM at the Arkansas High School Red Wall located at 1500 Jefferson Avenue in Texarkana, Arkansas.

What Can We Expect From This Debate?

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According to the Texarkana Arkansas Independent School District's Facebook page,

Both candidates will begin with opening remarks for three minutes then which will be followed by questions from the student council members. Then the debate will end with a three-minute closing remark from each candidate.

The Mayoral Debate should last about an hour and the public is welcome to attend.

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