Valentine's Day is just around the corner!  It falls on a Monday this year so technically you have less time than what the calendar shows because you are expected to celebrate on Saturday night. Guys:  Today is the day to order those flowers if that is your plan.  Additionally you should make your dinner plans and/or reservations.  Then comes the big deal: what are you going to get for your lady this year?  Wow!  All of this can seem overwhelming and cause you to just through up your hands but remember this, no matter what you think of the holiday, it is coming so you better be prepared.

Ladies, here is a link to check out Cosmo's list for the different stages of your relationship.  From how much  to spend if you have just started dating to what to get if you have been together for more than 3 years, Cosmo has great ideas to make your special day a huge success! Here is a quick look:

Less Than 3 Months - Go too expensive and you may run him off. Spend around $20-$25 on something simple but sweet, like a DVD of a movie he really liked or an book from an author he reads.

3-6 Months - This is a tricky in-between phase: You’re an official couple, but are still getting to know each other. Impress him by finding something creative that’s totally him. For example, if he’s always taking pictures, get him a gorillapod. Keep it around $25-$50.

7-11 Months - Something fun that you can do together. Tickets to a concert or a game.

1-2 Years - Frame a cute picture of the two of you of something you have done together and/or stuff from his favorite team. Plan to spend $100-$200.

More Than 3 Years - Get him a present where he’ll learn something new. Book an exciting experience: flying lessons, hang gliding, or book a weekend getaway at a romantic hotel in a nearby town where you can spend a lot of time together.

The best advice though is to GET IT DONE TODAY because procrastination is not your friend.