The Late Late Show featured the latest installment of "Carpool Karaoke" last night (July 25), with Usher joining James Corden for a ride to work. (Corden was late, you see, so he needed someone else in the car so he could use the carpool lane. Usher, good friend that he is, happily obliged.)

They kick things off with Usher's classic "Yeah," with both enthusiastically rapping their way through Ludacris's verse and all of Lil Jon's "YEAH!!!" exclamations. A real highlight comes next, as the former host of The Voice helps Corden work on his club entrance walk. For whatever reason, Corden can't avoid doing jazzhands! as he vainly attempts to smoothly saunter into the imaginary spot.

"Let's pop some bottles! Wanna pop some bottles?" Corden suggests, after learning some sweet dance moves from Ush, who kindly laughs off the request.

"I'm never going to the club with you, no chance," Corden says, quickly giving up his dream. "I'm never, ever going to the club with you, it's never going to happen."

Which is okay, because then they got back in the car for another jam session, so everybody wins!

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