There is a new report out that talks about the twenty worst places to live in Arkansas, and the number one city on this list is less than 4 hours away.

I know most of you are curious did Texarkana Arkansas make the list? Well yes, it did, but more on that later. Almost all of the towns on this list are less than 4 hours from Texarkana, but Arkansas is not a big state so this fact is not quite as important. What is important is the number of cities that are close to us on the list.

Money Inc used unemployment rates, crime rates, median income, and school quality as some of the parameters to make their list. Out of the top 20 worst places to live in Arkansas there are 5 that are really close to Texarkana.

11. Little Rock well just a little over 2 hours but most of us can make it sooner.

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10. Hope

Wes Spicher

9. Eldorado

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6. Hot Springs

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2. Camden

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Texarkana is number 20 on the list of worst cities in Arkansas.

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It has the 20th highest violent crime rates and the 21st highest property crime rates in the state. It is also not the best option for families as the public schools are only average, and the options for family-oriented activities are limited. Like most places, there are highs and lows of living in Texarkana, so although crime is an issue, there are some good points about this town in Miller County.


Money Inc. did list our employment, public transportations, and community diversity as positives for our town.

If you are curious the worst city in Arkansas is West Memphis.

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This is what they said about the number one ranking.


There are two main reasons that this city is considered an undesirable place to live. First, it has the third-highest crime rate in the state, so it is a dangerous place to live. Second, the unemployment rates are high at 10.9 percent, which means West Memphis has the fifth-worst unemployment rate in Arkansas.


To see the complete list of the 20 worst cities in Arkansas you can visit the Money Inc website. 

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