There are two highways in Bowie County that undergoing construction and may effect your commute.

Bowie County

Here is an update to the traffic flow for the Interstate 30 roadwork. As more work continues on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 30 commuters need to be aware of the following changes.

There will be a shifting of eastbound traffic from its normal location to the existing right and outside shoulder and right, outside lane. Once this shift is accomplished, expect that some of the existing acceleration and or auxiliary lanes will become shorter for vehicles merging into the main lane of traffic. Make sure to take extra precautions with these changes.

Interstate 30 Right-lane closures are expected nightly, from 8 pm to 6 am Westbound, Richmond Road, and I-369 and US 59 South area Eastbound, beginning at Kings Highway. Entrance and exit ramp closures expected nightly, 8 pm to 6 am.  Westbound, on  Richmond Road and I-369 and US 59 area eastbound, beginning at Kings Highway
with Daytime shoulder closures

Also in Bowie County

Beginning tomorrow, for a period of six weeks or until work is completed
There will be construction on US 82 at Leary Creek, about a quarter-mile east of Farm to Market Road 2253.

Traffic will be restricted to one lane, one-way traffic on US 82 while workers replace bridge rail and guard rail at Leary Creek. Temporary traffic signals at each end of the project will control traffic by allowing only one direction of travel at a time through the work zone.

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