My commute to work early this morning was detoured because the driver of this rig decided he wanted to try a U-turn in the middle of Arkansas Blvd.

I didn't ask the driver what possessed him to attempt a turn around in the middle of the road. I can only speculate that maybe he forgot something and felt turning around in a big parking lot was a waste of time. His cellphone, maybe the twinkies he had planned to eat for breakfast...hard to say what was so important to turn around for but whatever it was, I wouldn't admit to it if I was him.

Did you know that the south exit ramp off Loop 245 for Hwy 67 is closed? I wished I had known that early this morning. I would have went to the interstate to go around this accident and get to work.

If you normally travel Arkansas Blvd for your morning commute, I suggest finding a different route just in case they take a while to clear this accident. The truck is jackknifed in front of Park Place Restaurant. The police have the road blocked from the signal at Sanderson Rd and Arkansas Blvd to the Loop 245 on-ramps.

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