Trinity Christian School in Texarkana Arkansas will be holding an open house to celebrate "National School Choice Week".

"National School Choice Week" is the nation’s largest-ever celebration of opportunity in education featuring 20,000+ participating schools. Trinity Christian School is a Baptist school serving grades Pre K to 12 with a student enrollment of 315.

Trinity Christian School will hold an event at the TCS Gym that will feature an Open House to celebrate National School Choice Week. The event is open to the public. Media are invited to attend the event is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 23.

Trinity Christian School is a private school in Texarkana that provides a biblical perspective for the students. And believes in christian education and a christian home and a christian church which equals a True Education. Donovan Graham explains the concepts as.

The task of true education is to develop knowledge of God and His created reality and to use that knowledge in exercising a creative-redemptive dominion over the world in which we live. Such an outcome can be attained only by loving God and communing with Him, resulting in the wholehearted worship of God.

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