Drivers in downtown Texarkana are having to adjust to a major change in the traffic pattern and flow.

The conversion of West 3rd and West 4th Streets in Texarkana, Texas from one-way to two-way traffic is now complete. The changeover occurred Wednesday afternoon according to Texas side police, who are concerned about possible traffic accidents.

Authorities say with the conversion comes other changes to traffic flow as well. As part of that process, several downtown intersections have had stop signs added that were not previously there.

They have been one way streets for decades, so police know it's going take a little while for everyone to get used to the new traffic patterns.

Authorities are urging motorists to please be extra careful when you are driving in the downtown area and watch out for that inattentive driver who may not realize what they are doing.

These roads now match the traffic pattern on the Arkansas side of the state line. The roads there were earlier changed from one-way to two-way traffic.



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