When it comes lunch or dinner we sometimes get in a rut, the same ol same ol sometimes gets a little boring. What if I told you there were some top secret menu items you can order from your favorite restaurant.

Mcdonalds has an interesting choice for you.

The land sea and Air burger. Is a combination of a Big Mac, A Fillet of Fish, and a McChicken.

How about a Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino from Starbucks? It is a double chocolate chip frap, with some extra mocha, and hazelnut syrup.

Nachos anyone? If you ask at Chipotle' they can substitute chips for the rice on your regular burrito bowl and bam, you have nachos.

Dairy Queen Frozen Hot Chocolate. This is their hot chocolate blendes with ice for a tasty treat.

I saved the largest, baddest one for last. The Arby;'s Meat Mountain. This colossal sandwich features every meat that Arby's has to offer . It is topped with Chicken, ham, roast beef, brisket, corn beef and Angus steak.

Did we miss any of these secret menu items? Let us know.



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