We all have very busy lives. Sometimes too busy for the important people in our life. Stop multi-tasking for a moment and look over this list from Cosmopolitan of the five things a woman should never skip out on:

  1. Not filing your taxes - Forget trying to pull a fast one on Uncle Sam.
  2. Blowing a date off without warning - In this age of cell phones, beepers and e-mail, there's no excuse for standing him up.
  3. Breaking a promise to your boss - Never say the words "I do" to the head honcho and fizzle on your follow-through.
  4. Bailing on a friend in crisis - No one wants to play therapist 24 hours a day, but if your pal is in genuine pain, the least you can do is lend an ear.
  5. Not sending a condolence card - It only takes three seconds to extend your sympathy when a friend loses a loved one.

Which one are you guilty of?