There was an article in TXK today talking about Texarkana, Bowie and Miller County getting an F for social distancing and I didn't believe that until now.

Ths story states that used GPS data to determine how much change there was in average distance traveled from pre-COVID-19 days to recently, the site determined a “Social Distancing” score for each state and county, ranking them as follows for an A there was a greater 40% decrease, for a B 30-40% decrease, for a C score 20-30% decrease, a D was a 10-20% decrease, and the score that Texarkana received an F was a less than 10% decrease.

I could not believe we would score this low until yesterday. I went into a local business that was next to a restaurant and I was totally shocked at what I saw. In the restaurant, there were four people that were seated at a small table having lunch! With all sit-down dining rooms closed I was shocked at what I saw. Not only were they having lunch they were seated at a small table which meant they were almost touching each other, nowhere near the six feet apart that 'social distancing' is stressing.

Here is the best way of describing 'Social Distancing':

To say that I was a little shocked was an understatement. I wonder how many other restaurants are not following the guidelines set out by our state and local government? What would you do if you had seen this? It is hard to believe these people would put themselves and so many others at risk.

The photo is a stock photo. I did not take a picture of the restaurant.



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