A local favorite restaurant that is in Texarkana Arkansas has been featured on the show 'The Texas Bucket List'.

The restaurant started out as a food truck then progressed to a Texarkana Texas location in an old gas station and is now in their new, I guess we can still call it a new location in Texarkana Arkansas.

The restaurant we are talking about is Naaman's BBQ. Naaman's actually has two locations with one in LIberty Eylau on Highway 59 and their main location on Stateline just across the street from their original location. Let's talk about the food and why they were featured on the TV show 'The Texas Bucket List'.

As you can see on the video the host gets to sample the 'Red Headed Step Child' this monstrosity of a sandwich has brisket, pulled pork, homemade sausage, and coleslaw as well as two different kinds of BBQ sauce. The owner, Darby said this sandwich is just like Texarkana with all of these ingredients coming together like the Ark-La-Tex to make something special.

Now if you are a local you know that the Red-headed Step Child is just one of the great things you will find at Namaan's Championship BBQ. I am a big fan of his ribs, they just fall off the bone and they are seasoned perfectly;y and in my opinion need no sauce. And you cannot make a trip there and not get some of their brisket. But I love the 'Cheesy Corn' so much that is the only side I ever get.

What is your favorite thing to order at Namaan's Championship BBQ?

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