The Better Business Bureau had a story that has important information you need to know. They cautioned parents about sharing their kid's senior photos on their social media.

The Better Business Bureau says that many hackers will search out the hashtag posts that have some information that may be helpful for them to hack your accounts.

If you use your old senior photo and include your graduation year and what school you graduated from that information can be used to hack into your accounts. The hackers can search through your Facebook page and find out information like where you went to school the school mascot and hometown information as well. They can use that information to get into banking and credit card accounts.

The Better Business Bureau has the following tips to help you stay safe.

1. Do not get involved in the posting in the first place. It is easy to do what you see your friends do but think of who might be able to see your posts.

2. Check your security settings on your social media. Is your Instagram set to private? Do you know exactly who can see your posts?

3. The best advice is to change your security settings and questions. Use some things that are very private so that someone, like a hacker, can guess the information.

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