Texarkana, the city name is literally the combination of three states. Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana. And with this three-state combination, there are some pretty unique things you will find in a home in Texarkana.

Here is a list of things you will find in a Texarkana Texas and Arkansas home.

Louisana Hot Sauce

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This is the universal hot sauce of Texas and Arkansas it goes on anything and I use it on black-eyed peas and scrambled eggs.


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Crosses are a big part of any southern home and here they go up first when it comes to decorating the house.


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Texarkana is filled with Razorback fans. It doesn't matter if it's football, baseball, or basketball there are Arkansas Razorback fams everywhere.

Arkansas Flag

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No state is more proud than Arkansas. You will see the state flag almost as often as the American flag around here.

Whataburger Ketchup

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Is there any other kind of ketchup? We always have regular and spicy at our house.


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No house in the South would be complete without a large selection of Koozies.

Clubs Guns or Poles Bats

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It doesn't matter if it's golf clubs. a gun, or a fishing pole we love the outdoors and are ready to play anytime.


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We all love to cookout. I even grilled stuff in the freezing cold. Nothing beats a burger right off of the grill.

Duke's Mayonnaise

This is the best mayonnaise. I will fight you if you say there is something out there better. I am not a mayo fan but Duke's is where it's at in terms of the best flavor.

Did we miss something that all Texarkana homes have in them? Let us know.


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