Every part of the country has some pretty interesting food that they hold near and dear but what foods do people in Texarkana eat that would make other folks think twice before they tried them?
The website Thrillist compiled a list of the grossest foods eaten across the United States. Here are their picks for the Texarkana area including Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Fried Butter.

Lets just say that it actually tastes way better than its description. Deep fried anything can be delicious, but in the video the different types being served at the Texas Sate Fair make it sound really good.




Buffalo Fish Ribs

No that is not a misprint, we are talking the rib section of a buffalo fish, not a rib from a buffalo or a buffalo flavored pork rib it's actually fish. I have caught many in my days fishing with my dad but have never tried one and after seeing the video I actually want to.



You would figure that a list of weird food from Louisiana would have gator or even snake, but no this is a semi aquatic river rat. They say they best way to prepare it is to cook it for hours in a pot. The way it is prepared in this video may change your mind on eating this giant rodent.



Fried Rattlesnake
Now this is more of what I expected when I looked up the various gross foods on this list. Fried Rattlesnake is even celebrated with a festival, but regardless this doesn't tempt me one bit.




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