The latest information is out on stolen vehicles in the United States and those folks in Arkansas better look out if you own the most stolen vehicle in the state.

If you are like I am you get attached to your car. It's like a member of the family. Heck, some people even name their cars. But what if your car was stolen? Imagine the hassle of getting it back or finding a new one to replace what was taken from you. Did you know that vehicle theft has gone up 13 percent in 2020 over the totals from 2019?

Our cars are something we use almost every day to get to work to school to go on vacations some of us even use our car as part of our job like food delivery or as a Lyft driver. Did you know what the most stolen car is in Arkansas? Well, no surprise it is actually a truck.

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The 2004 Chevrolet Full Size Pick-up is on the top of the list of most stolen cars in Arkansas.

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Coming in second place is the 2005 Ford Full Size Pick-up Truck. Two vehicles that are over 15 years old make the list. Maybe they are easier to steal?


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A 1999 GMC truck is on the list in the number 3 position. You do see we have a pattern of trucks on the list as the most stolen.

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Don't worry Dodge fans. A 2001 Dodge truck makes the list of the most stolen cars in Arkansas in the number four position.

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Coming in 5th place is the Honda Accord. The 2001 model is the most stolen car in Arkansas. But as we all know trucks are the most popular vehicles in Arkansas.

Do you own one of the most stolen vehicles in Arkansas?

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