In my quest to find all things crazy in Arkansas I found a video of people trying to pronounce Arkansas towns, and I am positive you will not be able to pronounce most of them.

The YouTube channel 'It's A Southern Thing' has a group of people that are from the south and they are doing their best to pronounce these towns and counties in the natural state.

I know that since we are from this area some may look easy but out of all of them, I only knew the correct pronunciation of three of these places. And if you want to see the naughtiest town names in Arkansas go check out my story here.

So here are these crazy towns and locations in Arkansas that are hard to pronounce.


With only four letters this should be easy, right? Well, the correct pronunciation is actually Jeep.


I might be showing my age but I can hear Michael Jackson saying Mc Geeehee, but it is actually pronounced Ma-Gee.


Umm, I really have no idea, Sologohatcheea? It is actually pronounced Saw-Ga-Hatch-ee. The 'L' is just there for looks I guess.

Bois D' Arc

Well, it is French correct? Boys de Ark is the right way to say it.  Not the correct Arkansan way to say it is "Bo dark".


Yeah, I have no idea about this one. Gam a layl, Gam a lay. The correct pronunciation on this one is ga-Mail-lee-uh.


Ok, we all know how to pronounce this town. But in the video, this is the one that got the most laughter from all of the folks in the video.


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