The rumors are not true, there is no gas shortage in Texas because of hurricane Harvey.

WFAA in Dallas talked to railroad commissioner Ryan Sitton and he said

Consumers are putting undue demand on fuel and that's making it difficult to resupply gas stations in a timely fashion. He called the problem simply one of demand and logistics. There's plenty of gasoline, this will subside.

The problem is that people believe the rumors and rush out to the gas station to fill up, gas stations see the increased demand and of course the quickly dwindling supply. Then owners raise the price in regard to the demand. Then you create this situation.

There is plenty of gas, it will just take longer to get it due to the situation in the Houston area. There is over 200 million barrels of gasoline that the United States has in storage.

The biggest concern is that folks are creating panic over a perceived shortage of gas when there really is not one.


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