Have you ever felt like you were not alone but you didn't see anyone around? It's that feeling when your hair stands up on the back of your neck and you have chill bumps on your arms. I was in my barn and knew I wasn't alone. 

I've had a feeling several times while in my barn feeding my horse. I knew I wasn't alone. Even my horse was acting skittish --  like something was going to jump out. Something was in the barn with us but I don't see it. Very creepy. As I was moving a bale of hay, I discovered a large pile of fecal matter and a hiding place which was a home of some sort of critter. There was a front door and back door. How do I know which is which you say? Just outside the rear exit is where the critter went to the bathroom. The back door had a huge amount of fecal matter piled just outside the den hole and besides, who poops on the front porch?

The question is, what is the critter? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.