Did you know that the worst drivers in America are from our area? But surprisingly it is not Arkansas.

We all have experienced it, bad drivers, really bad drivers that make you almost terrified to get on the highway for fear of them driving like idiots. What state has the worst drivers? The website Car Insurance Comparison did a story recently on the ten states with the worst drivers.  The good news is that Arkansas is not on the list.

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How did they come up with this list? They used the following data to find out where the worst drivers are in America.

Our researchers analyzed the five bad driving behavior categories:

  1. Car accident death rate
  2. Failure to obey traffic laws
  3. Careless driving
  4. Drunk driving
  5. Speeding

So now that we know the categories that help put together the list let's look at the top 5.

5. Louisiana

The state ranks high in careless driving and the death rate was unfortunately high.

3. Tie with South Carolina and Montana

South Carolina led the nation in car accident death rate.

Montana has issues with speeding and a lack of seatbelt use as well.

And coming in tied for 1st is.

1. Tie New Mexico and Texas.

New Mexico has the most careless drivers in America.

This is what they had to say about Texas:

In the careless driving category, Texas’s pedestrian death rate per capita was 2.24. The cyclist death rate per capita was 0.23. Out of all fatal car accidents, 30.71% involved speeding.


Well here is one list that Arkansas doesn't show up in at all. If you want to see the complete list you can check out the story, "10 States With The Worst Drivers".

Do we really have the worst drivers in America? I don't think so, but what are your thoughts.

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