With Christmas less than a week away and New Years just around the corner the dreaded 'New Years Resolutions' are something we are all familiar with. Here are the most popular new years resolutions based on searches that have been tracked by iQuanti.

7. Read More. We all need to read more, not only to be better educated, but as a wonderful relaxing way to unwind after a hard day at the office.

6. Travel. Who doesn't want to travel, from short trips to see some scenic beauty to some far off destination to an exotic land travel is a dream most of us have.

5. Save More. Well this goes hand in hand with the travel in a way. If we save more than the traveling becomes easier and we can all stand to have a little nest egg.

4. Learn new hobbies. I would like to add and improve on our existing hobbies. I am a golfer and the need to improve is a daily struggle with this game. My dad told me that golf is more than a game it is teaching life lessons too. I have finally understood this now that I am in my late 40's.

3. Live Life To the Fullest. What can you say on this resolution. Being a parent you want to make every day the best it can be, but you want your children to be able to experience life an everything it has to offer.

2. Get Organized. This is on my list every year. The overwhelming desire to get better organized is two fold for me. I want to be organized, but I want to make the best use of my limited time to try to find that work, life balance.

1. Get Healthy. It is no surprise that this is number one form almost all of us. With our fast paced lives being health is something we need to dedicate a lot of time and effort into. With all of the fast food, quick meal options at our finger tips the need to be healthy is a growing concern for all of us. But it is the most important thing on my list trying to balance work and home life and good meals and exercise for my family.


Did we forget one of your resolutions. Let us know in the comments.




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