With Halloween only a few days away and you are still trying to find the best costume, here are the top 10 costumes for 2017 according to Google.

Frieghtgeist is a feature that Googles does to track the popular costumes both nationally and locally based on searches.

10. Dinosaur Not too surprising with all of the crazy blow-up dinosaur suits you see everywhere.

9. Zombie-With 'The Walking Dead' being so big I am surprised this wasn't higher on the list.

8. Pirate-They are pretty awesome aren't they? Johnny Depp made pirates cool.

7. Mouse-Just a plain old mouse no Mickey Mouse. Interesting.

6. Witch-The classic costume is still a go to, but they are changing it up a bit fro what I remember.

5. Rabbit-Just a plain rabbit, not Buggs or any other cartoon character.

4. Unicorn-This mystical creature is still a solid choice for Halloween.

3. Clown-With the movie remake of 'It' being so popular this costume can go so many different ways.

2. Harley Quinn-The quintessential bad girl is still a favorite this year.

1. Wonder Woman The DC comics superheroine is the number one costume for 2017.

What costume are you wearing for Halloween this year?

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