The Mega Millions drawing is coming up and after looking it up on Google the jackpot is currently sitting at $970 million.

Did you know this is the longest time the Mega Millions has gone without a winner? The last winner was in September of last year. The next drawing is Friday and of course, if you take the cash option it is $716.3 million. If you take the other option it will pay out your winnings annually for 30 years.

Any time the letter gets this big I get tempted to play. I usually do not play but of course, the next question is always, "What will you do if you win?" The usual pay off all my bills and get a nice house for all of my family is first on the list. But since the pandemic, I have a whole new appreciation for small businesses in our area

At lunch yesterday I started thinking about a closed business I would bring back if I won the lottery. I think that 'Bryce's Cafeteria' would be the Texarkana business I would like to bring back. I knew Richard and Bryce for many years and I feel like this business would be the one that I would like back in Texarkana.

Part of my reason is not just the nostalgia of the business, I have many memories of lunches there with my parents and other family members. The great food, the wonderful service, and the fact that it was one of Texarkana's legacy businesses are the reasons why I would like to bring it back to Texarkana.

If you won the lottery, what business would you bring back to Texarkana?

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