What is the secret to happiness? Is it being wealthy, wise, or just good health?

The Daily Mail recently published a story that says the secret to happiness is the internet? According to a recent study in Norway, of more than 100,00 people the internet is actually a good thing. So all the talk of these phone and internet free vacations might not be the best thing after all?

According to the study, the internet makes us happy because of a few things. It helps us find out information to help make better decisions, it helps some of us get over a mid-life crisis, more on that later, and it makes us feel more connected to the world and our friends.

This regular internet usage actually helps keep older people happier for longer as they mature. This study shows that in teenagers and early adulthood there is no connection between internet usage and increased happiness. But as we grow older the statistics show that being on the internet actually makes us happier.

Some people may argue that this is in direct conflict to earlier studies, but the thing to take away is the direct relationship between the age of the internet users and their happiness from the internet being a little bit older.


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