This weekend it's all about the spooky, creepy all things scary. Did you know there is a list that ranks the most haunted states, the most haunted town in each state and the most haunted place in that town? So what town in Arkansas would you think is the most haunted? How about Texas?

What Are The Most Haunted States? You Might Be Surprised

According to, It's interesting to see that out of all the states Arkansas comes in at number 29 with a total of 787 ghost sightings. Texas actually tops the list of as the most haunted state with 7,315 ghost sightings!

What is the Most Haunted Town in Arkansas? What About Texas?

Then Treetopia goes on to list the most haunted towns in each state. There are always great ghost stories all around the state of Arkansas and Texas but the towns that have the most hauntings? In Arkansas, it's Batesville with 19 ghost sights. In Texas, it's El Paso with 192 ghost sightings.

Below you can see how the towns in each state rank against each other.

attachment-treetopia 2


And Now The Most Haunted Areas in The Most Haunted Towns

Break it down even further and we find out where in each city of each state where the most ghost sightings have been reported.

In Batesville Arkansas, the most ghost sightings have occurred at Lyon College. While in El Paso Texas the ghostliest place is the DeSoto Hotel.

So there you have it. The great thing is now we have a ton of great places to check out ghostly activity all over the Great United States of America.

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