If you live in Texarkana, you know the city is unique in that it is actually in two states. But with a city this diverse, there is always a good part of town and a bad, just like most cities.

Neighborhood Scout ranked eight Texarkana, Texas neighborhoods according to several factors, including their crime rates. You have a 1 in 115 chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Texarkana, Texas, which is above the 1 in 246 rate for the rest of the state.

Here are Texarkana, Texas neighborhoods ranked from safest to most dangerous. We will run a similar story on Texarkana, Ark., next week.

  • 8


    South Liberty-Eylau is the safest part of town according to Neighborhood Scout. South Liberty-Eylau makes up the southern portion of Texarkana from just south of highway 67 to just west of South State Line. The majority of this area is rural.

  • 7

    Texas A&M Texarkana/Moores Lane

    Coming in at seven is the Texas A&M/Moores Lane. This area is north of Interstate 30 and encompasses most of the Pleasant Grove Community.

  • 6

    Summerhill Road/College Drive

    This neighborhood is south of the interstate and has Spring Lake Park and Texas High School, and Texarkana College.

  • 5

    North State Line/Texas Blvd.

    This neighborhood extends just east of the Kensington Park area east to State Line. It also encompasses most of the historical area of Texarkana, Texas.

  • 4

    West 7th Street\Robison Road

    The fourth neighborhood is an area that runs south of Highway 67 to the back of the new loop and includes a big portion of the Liberty Eylau area including the high school.

  • 3

    North Robison/New Boston Road

    Coming in at third is a  little surprising. It includes the Commercial area along Mall Drive south to Highway 67.

  • 2

    City Center

    The City Center is the second most dangerous neighborhood according to Neighborhood Scout. This area makes up most of downtown Texarkana.

  • 1

    New Boston Rd./Milam

    According to the folks at Neighborhood Scout this is the most dangerous neighborhood in Texarkana. It extends from south of Richmond road to 15th Street. And from Smelser east to Waterall.