The newest trend in getting fit combines two very unique things, yoga, and karoke.

This combination of yoga and karaoke brings out some pretty crazy looking workouts. With Zumba being all the rage it makes sense to combine the music and singing of Karaoke and Yoga together to make a very cool workout.


Yoga instructor Jennifer Pastiloff has created a class at Equinox in Los Angeles in  which people perform karaoke AND yoga simultaneously!

While yoga classes are normally known for their relaxing, calming and sometimes spiritual environment, Pastiloff created 'Karaoke Yoga' as a means of forming a better connection with her students. The experienced teacher told sources:

"If you're looking for a strict, alignment-based yoga class, don't come because this isn't one of them. This is about having the workout of your life, singing, dancing, feeling silly. People are starved for connection in the world, and this class can offer that."

And don't worry about knowing any of the lyrics to the songs ,ecause TV screens feature scrolling lyrics.

Too scared to sing in front of people? This could be the perfect cure  for your phobia! Everyone sings together and there are no solo performances, so no individual is put in any uncomfortable spotlight.

Check out the video (above) to see a snippet of Pastiloff's class for yourself. She is taking it on the road too, so look for it in a studio near you.