Arkansas is the state most of us call home but the great state has some pretty weird names and some of them really make you question what were they thinking when they named these towns.
'Only In Your State' did a story on silly names of Arkansas towns.

10. Threeway is in Mississippi county and is near the town of Etowa.

9. Bald Knob anyone who knows silly names of cities knows that Bald Knob will always be on the list for Arkansas.

8. Romance is in White County. I wonder if the town lives up to its name?

7. Possum Grape is just outside of Bradford.

6. Toad Suck this famous town has a festival and a park named after this silly town.

5. Monkey Run was known for zinc mining back in the 1920's.

4. Goobertown is on Greg County. No further explanation is necessary.

3. Greasy Corner this town got its name from a farmer that got a plate of foos from the local cafe with a grease satin from a mechanic. Eww.

2. Stinking Bay need we say more?

1. Weiner. This town has fully accepted its strange name and embraces it in all of its weirdness.

Do you have any other silly names of cities you would add to this list?

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