We've been hearing about the Delta variant of COVID-19. It's more contagious and it can be the most severe of all the variants. Well, now it is officially in the Texarkana area.

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Delta Variant Is More Contagious

A couple of weeks ago it had been reported on news outlets that the Delta variant would soon be the dominant variant. According to  Arklatex Homepage,

Healthcare workers strongly encourage people to get the vaccine. Otherwise, if the number of cases continues to rise at a fast rate, the consequences could be strict guidelines again and possibly shutting down.

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Have You Been Vaccinated Yet?

If you have not received a vaccine yet, please do so. This variant is more contagious especially for those that have not been vaccinated. The last thing we what is for the closing down of restaurants and businesses. We do not want another year like last year.

Monkey Business Images
Monkey Business Images

 The state of Arkansas had 1,000 new cases in one day

Vaccines are readily available at pharmacies, clinics and hospitals in our area. just yesterday the Associated Press reported yesterday that the state of Arkansas had 1,000 new cases in one day. That's the highest number of new cases since March.

Below is the news story from KTAL Channel 6

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