The Texarkana Parks and Recreation Department will have free Tai Chi classes.

The Southwest Center located at 3222 W. 7th Street will offer Tai Chi classes beginning February 6th for free. Certified Instructor Kasandra Guilbeau will be teaching the history and practice of moments to those 55+.

Harvard Health says that Tai Chi is described as 'meditation in motion'. This mind in body martial art that originated in China is shown to have many health benefits. It does not matter what shape you are in now it is easy to get started in Tai Chi.

In Tai Chi, you go through a series of nonstop motions named after animals like 'white crane spreads its wings' or other moves that have more martial are names like 'box both ears'. In Tai Chi the circular motions and the fact that your joints do not lock out completely help in making this low impact workout ver beneficial.

Classes will be held every Thursday from 1:00-2:00 PM, excluding the 2nd Thursday of every month. For more information, contact 903-798-3978

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