The Texarkana Museums System has some great admission deals for you this weekend.

On Sunday you'll only pay $1 for admission to the Museum of Regional History, Discovery Place Children's Museum, Ace of Clubs House and P.J. Ahern Home. On Monday visitors will receive four admissions for the price of one.


"This special pricing is our way of saying 'Thank You' to our community sponsors, members and guests who support us on a daily basis and our way of emphasizing that all of our properties are open Sundays from 1PM to 5PM and 10AM to 5PM on most major holidays like the Fourth of July," said Velvet Hall Cool.

"We're hoping that with family and friends in town to celebrate the holidays, everyone can find a bit of time to come down and learn about Texarkana. Fourth of July is a celebration of our nation's Declaration of Independence, from which every state, city and community has grown. What better way to celebrate than by stopping in and learning a little about your local history and heritage?"

The Museum of Regional History is at 219 N. State Line Avenue and is Texarkana’s oldest museum. The museum houses a variety of historical collections of the region from the time of the Caddo Indian through the founding of Texarkana and beyond. Located in the historic Offenhauser Insurance Building dating back to 1879, this museum includes interactive exhibits that explore the musical history of the region and tell the story of native son Scott Joplin.

Museum of Regional History

Discovery Place Children's Museum is located at 215 Pine Street and allows folks to step back in time through giant prehistoric animal murals and explore the wonders of life in the living science lab. Kids can play in replicas of a general store and a kitchen from the early 1900s. Discovery Place features an interactive sound wall. You can also enjoy a performance of the 100,000 volt "Musical Tesla Coils." This exhibit is unique in not only that it discharges electrical cornoas up to 6 feet high, it will also "sing." The exhibit was donated by Richard Mathias and funded through the Mathias Family Trust and General Electric.

Sound Wall, Discovery Place Children's Museum

Ace of Clubs House is located at 420 Pine Street and is a National Register property and a Recorded Texas Historical Landmark. Built in the shape of a club, with three octagonal wings and an rectangular wing, this house is considered one of the most unique in the country.

Ace of Clubs House, Texarkana Museums System

P.J. Ahern Home is at 403 Laurel Street and was designed in the Classical Revival style by the Burdsal Company based on a floor plan designed by Mr. and Mrs. Ahern. The first floor consists of a central hall, music room, parlor, library, dining room, kitchen, butler's pantry and powder room. The second floor consists of four bed rooms, two baths, a nurse's room and a sleeping porch.

P.J. Ahern Home, Texarkana Museums System

For more information visit the Texarkana Museums System online or call 903-793-4831.