I went into a donut shop in town on the Arkansas side and right next to the common everyday offerings of glazed donuts, and cinnamon rolls, something caught my eye.

It was an awesome-looking "Boudin Kolache".

Wes Spicher Townsquare Media

We all know the typical sausage and cheese and the jalapeno sausage and cheese, but a boudin kolache is pretty unique. I had to ask the owner about the very Louisiana-inspired kolache and here is what Bunera, the owner told me about this awesome creation.

We had people in town that actually requested the kolache. It was something we had not made in the past but after the multiple requests, we added it to the menu.

Not only do they have a boudin kolache they also have a strawberry and cream cheese kolache that looks oh so yummy.

Wes Spicher Townsquare Media


This was another item that came into being just by request of customers. Bunera the owner said that:

They try some different combinations of ingredients and this one was a big hit and it became part of the regular menu.

If you not have been to the daylight donuts on 35th in Texarkana go by and check out their donuts and make sure to sample some of the unique menu items they have for you to enjoy.  Who knows maybe they will do a new menu item from your suggestions.


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