The Texarkana, Ark., District Court and Miller County District Court will grant amnesty for individuals who have outstanding warrants for failure to appear or contempt of court.

Judge Wren Autrey has announced the amnesty period will end on March 29.

During this time, the District Court will waive the warrant fee and jail time if it receives full payment for these warrants.

This will be an excellent opportunity for these individuals to get their driver's license reinstated. The incentive of the program is to promote lawful driving privileges, settle outstanding violations with the court and reduce arrests.

Officers will not arrest anyone who appears at the Bi-State or The Miller County Correctional Facility to pay these fines. If in doubt, you may contact the Probation Department at 903-798-3243 or the District Court Clerk at 903-798-3017.

To contact the Miller County District Court you may contact the Probation Department 870-773-2971 or the District Court Clerk 870-772-2780.


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