Truck and Trailer Jackknifed on Arkansas Blvd
My commute to work early this morning was detoured because the driver of this rig decided he wanted to try a U-turn in the middle of Arkansas Blvd. I didn't ask the driver what possessed him to attempt a turn around in the middle of the road. I can only speculate that maybe he forgot something and felt turning around in a big parking lot was a waste of time. His cellphone, maybe the twinkies he ha
Man Blows Up Like a Balloon After Getting Pierced by Air Hose
When people tell Steven McCormack he's full of hot air, they're not kidding. The 48-year-old truck driver from New Zealand blew up like a balloon last Saturday after a compressed air hose punctured his rear end, resulting in a massive amount of air hurdling its way into his body.