How would you feel if you were given an iPad instead of a paper menu?While many individuals in Texarkana have iPads, I doubt they have been handed one in lieu of a paper menu.

Customers in other parts of the United States are enjoying the sense of empowerment that comes with navigating the various applications that help you decide what to eat and drink.

Some digital apps let you order directly from the tablet, leave a comment, and ask to speak with the chef as well as give background information on the ingredients and history of dishes.

Because of these many enhancements, Steve Martorano of Cafe Martorano in Fort Lauderdale, Florida says, "People who have been coming in for 20 years have told me they have always ordered the same thing simply because they didn't know what guanciale was or what a certain kind of pasta was" according to NPR.

Now you have a chance to increase your tablet knowledge while dining out! I guess this gives a whole new meaning to working for your food.